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Do you want to learn to EAT like a pro?! The World Food Championships will offer a class that trains foodies in its very own EAT™ methodology, the scoring system that allows any Cali Cooking Competition & World Food Championship entry to be judged consistently using three key criteria: Execution, Appearance and Taste. This class will be taught by a WFC associate or professional chef and will be interactive and fun for attendees! Only judges who become EAT™ certified will be eligible to enjoy judging privileges at CCC & WFC. Don't miss your chance to become an EAT™-certified judge!


Please email for more Food Champ Judge Class information.  For general Cali Cooking Competition judging inquiries please email and cc

For the EAT Atlanta class August 4th please click HERE

Judge Registration

Are you interested in judging at the 2018 World Food Championships? We are currently accepting applications to be considered for judging. 

Please complete the contact form below. Be sure to include your judge number if you have one. 

If you are not EAT certified but would like to become one please see the inforamtion below. 

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