Cali Cooking Competition
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CAli Cooking Competition

We are pleased to announce that the World Food Championships will be coming to the state of California for the first time ever! Taking place in Hollywood, California on October 13th and 14th, professional chefs and home chefs alike will have the opportunity to compete using Gotham Steel cookware, for cash prizes and 20 golden ticket opportunities to move on in competition at the World Food Championships this November in Orange Beach, Alabama. Cali Cooking Competition will also be hosting multiple events for competing chefs and participants at the The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel throughout the weekend.


“We are thrilled that Gotham Steel has joined us in providing residents of California with a creative and fun way to earn a chance at food fame and fortune.” -Mike McCloud, President and CEO of World Food Championships.


Upcoming Events


Friday, October 12th: Kickoff party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Saturday, October 13th: Five categories will compete throughout the day. That evening, there will be a party on the rooftop of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where the winners for those five categories will be announced. 

Sunday, October 14th: The remaining five categories will compete throughout the day. That evening, there will be an onsite reception where the winners of that days five categories will be announced. 


About world food championships

The World Food Championships is the largest competition in Food Sport, where grand champions of previous events convene for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The World Food Championships is also the springboard for many up and coming culinary stars and home cooks as they seek TV fame through many well-known food shows and acting opportunities.

Since its debut in 2012, WFC has given birth to 30 TV food stars, awarded more than $1.5 million in prize money, garnered more than 5.7 billion media impressions, and connected 150+ food brands with food fans, food bloggers, and food media. In short, it has given birth to “Food Sport” by providing a level playing field, a fair judging system, a creative culinary fest, and a process that allows the culinary elite to show their chops and earn the respect they deserve.


We are excited to announce that this will be the first WFC event on the West Coast!

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